Cover Story

Penguin is actually the name of a magpie.

In 2013, a boy named Noah discovered abandoned Penguin on the ground and decided to take her home and take care of her. Since then, there has been this beautiful connection between Penguin and the family: Cameron, Same and their children Rueben, Noah, and Oli.

"We kept her because I felt confident that I had the time and knowledge to bring her up safely and healthily, " Mr. Bloom said. "My best friend is also a vet. Her diet was meticulously made so she had the right balance. It used to take me half an hour to mix it all together."

Penguin appears to be quite comfortable here. "The kids love her like a pet dog and it's just become so normal having her around. She likes to sing for us when she's around the house and likes to fly onto your head or sit next to you and nibble on your ear. She also runs down the hallway in the morning sometimes to snuggle up in bed with us or the kids. For some reason, she loves toothpaste so when the boys are getting ready in the morning she's looking into their mouth, " Mr. Bloom said. "The joy she's bought to all our lives has been immeasurable!"

Mr. Bloom, a professional photographer, has documented the moments his family has shared with Penguin and posted them on Instagram. Penguin is popular on social media and has her own Instagram account with over 4,000 followers.

When Druid Technology was founded, we contacted Mr. Bloom for the permission to use his photos. In a world of deteriorating environment, Druid wants to tell the heart-warming story to the world so that people can get inspired and pay more attention to our earth during the process of fast development.

Adhering to the idea of Connecting Life and Nature and backed by Debut series bird tracker developed independently, Druid is devoted to establishing biological ubiquitous network and the bridge between human and nature, helping human to explore the magical rules of nature and safeguarding the sustainable development of earth.

Let’s hope that no boundary line would ever exist between human and nature!